More BAG for your BUCK $£$

All Shredding company’s bags are NOT the same!

The simplest and most widely used method of storing and collecting confidential waste paper is the humble collection bag, which has stood to test of time even before the Data Protection Act came into being originally in 1984, when office papers were either not collected for recycling at all and placed in refuse sacks, or when they were collected for standard recycling only in office paper sacks.

As the concept of Security shredding has become ubiquitous, the humble plastic refuse sack has evolved to meet the changing needs of its users in order to ensure paper based data can be collected in sacks  which are secure, efficient, reliable and safe – this is why at Highlander our simple, one-use “bag ‘n’ tag” service has grown in demand in such a short space of time! Our 120-micron thick extra-strong plastic bag is 3 times stronger than a standard refuse sack and twice as strong as standard office paper recycling sacks, meaning these are virtually indestructible for normal, everyday use!

During our extensive customer research and feedback programs, Highlander Security Shredding have discovered a wide range of differing shredding collection bags on the market and have found that all bags are NOT the same and at Highlander, you get MORE BAG for your BUCK! We measured the bag capacity of 2 well-known corporate shredding firms against our own bag and the results were very surprising!

We measured both the width of the bags and the height up to the allowable fill line and the stats are as below:

Highlander “one-use” extra strong plastic bag:

Height (to fill line): 691mm / 0.691m
Width of unopened bag: 559mm
Unopened bag surface area –  386,269 mm2

Bag opened dimensions:
H – 580.6 mm (To fill line)
W – 559 mm
D – 111 mm

Actual bag hold capacity – 36 (Litres) or maximum 36 Kg

1st corporate service provider paper bag:

Height (to fill line): 475mm
Width of unopened bag: 444mm

Unopened bag “fill” area – 210,900 mm2

Bag opened dimensions:
H – 395 mm (To fill line)
W – 444 mm
D – 160 mm

Actual bag hold capacity – 28 (Litres) or maximum 28 Kg

2nd corporate service provider hessian bag:

Height (to fill line): 550mm
Width of unopened bag: 480mm
Unopened bag “fill” area – 264,000 mm2

Bag opened dimensions:
H – 470 mm (To fill line)
W – 444 mm
D – 160 mm
Actual bag hold capacity – 33 (Litres) or maximum 33 Kg

It is clear to see, that at Highlander we give you “more BAG for your BUCK!” Next time you need to order some bags for your confidential waste paper, as well as asking the charge per bag, please also find out:
  • The nature of the bag?

    Highlander will ALWAYS use plastic, extra strong “one-use” bags n tags!!

  • Dimensions of the bag? (Width and height to fill line)

    Our bag beats most of the other bags available on the market today!

  • The capacity of the bag? (Usually provided in litres)

    Highlander are PROVEN to provide one of the largest capacity bags on the market!

  • How do you seal the bag? (Tag? Tie? Tape? Or other?)

    Our numbered tags not only secures the bag BUT allows a complete audit trail too!

We GUARANTEE that our bag charges will ALWAYS beat our competitors in terms of price, robustness, capacity, reliability AND security! CALL NOW for your free quote at 01355 241088 or