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Public drop off service

Public Drop Off: a VITAL public service for secure destruction of YOUR confidential waste!

public dropoff Highlander International Recycling have recently launched a new Public Drop Off service for confidential waste destruction, opening up our shredding services to the general public.  At Highlander, we are always keen to work with the local community and our new public drop off service is a perfect example of this – being the only shredding company in Lanarkshire to offer our shredding services to both businesses and the public alike.  This allows you to dispose of any unwanted, confidential waste papers – such as bank or credit card statements, utility bills, health records or any other sensitive material - in a secure, safe and environmentally friendly manner, completely hassle free! With ever increasing coverage in the media about scams and identity fraud, why run the risk of your personal details being stolen?

 Here at Highlander’s Public Drop Off service, we can help prevent identity fraud, and give you extra peace of mind that your documents will NEVER come back to bite you, because our shredding service is more destructive than a great white! Disposing of your old confidential paperwork, would normally be a time-consuming  and monotonous task, however we operate 3 industrial shredders, with combined  shredding capacity of 7 tonnes of paper per hour – no more need to worry about your household shredder burning out after a few sheets have been put through! Once the shredding has taken place the shredded paper will be baled for 100% recycling within the UK, so you are also playing your part in helping the environment. Our fully secure shredding processes and operations are insured and certified, and Highlander are accredited to all necessary professional standards within the industry. The depot is under constant CCTV supervision, with all staff completing pre-employment screening and Disclosure Scotland checks, so you can have total faith that your confidential, personal documents will be handled diligently, efficiently and effectively at ALL times!

You are probably  asking by now “how does this service work?”  Well the answer to that is it’s a very simple, easy and friendly service to use! On arrival at the Highlander premises, you will see the Public Drop Off sign and office at the front of the building.  Simply press the buzzer and one of our friendly and professional advisors will allow you access to the main reception  where your bags will be taken away for destruction.  You will be charged £1 per bag, and will be given a receipt for your records, which also includes a Declaration of destruction which will be signed by the advisor as a way of guaranteeing the material will be shredded.  We also offer the option of providing a separate certificate of destruction for an additional charge of £1, which would be emailed to you on completion of the shredding as extra verification.  To summarise the process:

  1. Deliver your confidential waste in bags or boxes* to the public drop off office
  2. Pay for the number of bags / boxes delivered to us
  3. Signed receipt and declaration completed, and a copy given to you
  4. The confidential waste  will be removed to our dedicated, secure, shredding area where it will be shredded within 24 hours
  5. The shredded paper will be processed into a ½ ton bale which will be sent to an approved paper mill to be used in the manufacture of new tissue based products
  6. If a Destruction Certificate is purchased, this would be produced and sent via email within 24 hours.

For any enquiries on this service please feel free to contact the shredding department directly on 01355 241088 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we look forward to welcoming you to our depot in the near future!

*Typically black bags or standard archive, bank boxes.