Security Shredding Scotland

Recycling of Material

recycling At Highlander, we are focussed on the recycling of your paper – whether it's a handful of cardboard from a local shop, 1000's of tons per year from a large-scale printer or your confidential waste documents for shredding, we want your paper for environmentally responsible recycling, at a Highlander approved paper mill!

Highlander recycles over 600 tons every week of waste paper, supplying various paper mills all over the world with high quality grades of waste paper that are used to make items such as packaging, tissue products and for print media.

For all security shredding material generated, we supply the shredded waste paper to UK PAPER MILLS ONLY – this allows us to easily approve them as responsible end users and allows for ease of final audit trail for your confidential papers.

All confidential papers once shredded, are made into compact, half ton bales which allows this waste material to be easily transported to paper mills to finish the recycling process and to be reborn into new paper products - mostly in the tissue sector - such as toilet tissue or hand towels.

As we are already large scale paper recyclers – the largest independent paper recycler in Scotland - our collection and processing costs per ton versus our competitors, are much lower meaning we guarantee to give you the best price on the market while remaining uncompromising on service, professionalism and diligence.

For more information about our recycling systems, please check out the below corporate recycling video or feel free to contact one of our recycling experts at 01355 524 215 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Highlander Corporate Video