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Quality Confidential Waste Disposal - Aberdeen

Here at Highlander Security Shredding confidential waste shredding services are our speciality. Not only is this a cost-effective option but also a highly professional way for you to be conducting yourself in regards to business management. We are also extremely proud to be a division of Highlander international Recycling – this is Scotland’s biggest independent paper recycling company. For all of your confidential documents, security shredding is seen as the most efficient manner in which to dispose of all your GDPR obligations coinciding with data disposal. As well as this, you are appropriately considering your safety obligations, not to mention the fact that all paper we shred for you will be recycled to create paper products.

We will offer you a GDPR compliant, professional collection and offsite shredding service, located on our CCTV, monitored destruction centre with minimal mess, noise or polluting onsite shredding trucks outside your business or premises. Since our company was created in 2002 by Stephen Duffy and Brian Bingham. Our aim is to target good quality material for recycling and match these with the right paper mills so we can provide high-quality customer satisfaction and increase the value as well as a quality collection service to all our loyal customers.

Seeking document shredding services in Aberdeen?

We are your go-to shredding company serving the Aberdeen area. We are here to plan the delivery disposal of your confidential documents, you can rest assured we will take it all away safely for secure destruction. All of our shredding staff go through a vetted process through Disclosure Scotland and also have the necessary background checks carried out to BS7858 standards. Our employees are obligated to sign a confidentiality deed which essentially outlines the employee and employer binding contract that all customer data and documents are to be discreetly collected and shredded.

Highlander Security Shredding - Shredding Paper Recycling Services Aberdeen

One of the largest independent recovered materials companies in Scotland and Ireland, we have a combined experience of well over 50 years in the recycling sector and we can provide you competitive prices for the recovered materials created at recycling operations. If you need any assistance, we’re available in our branches, over the phone or online. if you are seeking shredding companies in Aberdeen, we are the one for you.