We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint

All of our collected material is returned to our destruction centre in East Kilbride. We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and reducing the impact that our actions have on our environment. As such, we only offer an off-site shredding process. Click here for more information about the benefits of shredding off-site. 

The journey of a bag

The video below shows the process of our bag collection services.

audited and accredited procedures

We operate a series of audited and accredited procedures for material; receiving, shredding, verification, audit trail and issuing of destruction certificates to ensure each and every document we receive or collect is completely shredded and recycled, to the standards of EN15713.

All material we receive is weighed using a fully calibrated weighbridge and we use uniquely coloured separate weight tickets for all confidential waste for shredding. This ensures it is handled completely separately from the thousands of tons of other waste paper we receive at our depot every year.

After weighing, the material is then moved to our destruction area, which is completely separate from our non-confidential paper recycling operations. This material is then shredded to the standards of EN15713 by our fully vetted staff who are also background checked to standards BS7858. We also have an overflow security area which allows us to store larger volumes without EVER compromising the security of your confidential waste.

secure document collection & shredding service

At Highlander, we guarantee that all confidential waste will be shredded within 24 hours of receipt at our facility. All of this makes sure that you are meeting your GDPR requirements and your documents NEVER come back to bite you! Finally, after the material has been shredded and baled prior to final recycling, a series of further checks are performed by the security shredding manager and shredding area supervisor as part of the material audit trail, from collection to destruction.

At this point, your destruction certificate – your guarantee that your material has been destroyed to EN15713 standards – is generated by the security shredding manager after all procedural checks are performed and verified and this certificate is finally signed off by a company director. This process gives you peace of mind that your confidential material is 100% shredded by the Highlander team!

We also have full Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Product Liability insurances for your extra peace of mind and fully alarmed and CCTV monitored premises.


At Highlander, we are fully focused on the responsible recycling of your paper, at a Highlander approved paper mill!

All confidential papers once shredded, are made into compact, 500kg bales which allows this waste material to be easily transported to paper mills to finish the recycling process and to be reborn into new paper products – mostly in the tissue sector – such as toilet tissue or hand towels. We sort paper to EN643 standards.

For all security shredding material generated, we supply the shredded waste paper to UK PAPER MILLS ONLY – this allows us to easily approve them as responsible end users and allows for ease of final audit trail for your confidential papers.

Largest Independent Paper Recycler in Scotland

As we are already large scale paper recyclers – Highlander are the largest independent paper recycler in Scotland – our collection and processing costs per ton versus our competitors, are much lower meaning we guarantee to give you the best price on the market while remaining uncompromising on service, professionalism and diligence.

Highlander recycles over 1000 tons every week of waste paper, supplying various paper mills all over the world with high quality material that is used to make items such as packaging, tissue products and for print media.